Frequently Asked Questions

Versatile Shoe Sole?
Yes, the sole we created to allow you to dance, spin, twist and slide like no other. We bring the most innovate versatile shoe sole that gives you an optimum dance performance.

Can I Wear Your Shoes Outdoors?
Yes, Our versatile dance shoes give you the best of both worlds. Wear them in or outdoors, rain or shine without the worry of the quick wear and ShoeBag FREE!

Is the Rubber Sole Flexible?
“One-of-a-kind” dance sole is sleek, reliable & durable. The sole is supportive yet ultra light weight, which makes our shoes more comfortable than the traditional jazz shoes. We guarantee our shoes are suitable for your dance lifestyle.

How Can I Purchase Your Shoes?
Customers outside of Miami Florida area, please use the Paypal system in place or contact us for more information.

Do I Have to purchase a couple sizes down or up from my regular street shoe size?
Ordering a coupe sizes up it was the old days, currently most of our shoes collection are accuracy fit. Except the Slip On shoes like the A’s and the Rio Dance shoe collection they are snug fit to grab your feet better due to the laceless shoe. For more information please email, text or call us with your questions or concerns.

Special Orders

Applicable to special orders:

  • Special orders cannot be exchanged or returned, all our special orders are custom made.
  • Please contact us for your exchange or return at:
  • Email: mydanceshoes@josebotta.com
  • Telephone: (305)-998-8895