Roberto Carlo Dance Shoes

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UPPER: Premium Leather
OUTSOLE: Patented Versatile Dance Sole
COLOR: Black Leather with White Stitches

FITTING SUGGESTIONS: Accurate sizes, standard width. If you are U.S. size 10, please order size 10.

Dont see your shoe size:  Please Email us to to expedite a pair for you.



Transform your dance journey with our premium Men's Salsa and Bachata Dance Shoes! Handcrafted to perfection, these shoes are engineered for optimal comfort and performance on various dance surfaces, ensuring durability without compromise. Tailored for the dedicated dancer, our shoes elevate your dance experience to unprecedented heights. A must-have for male dancers, they seamlessly transition from home to your favorite social or dance festival. With a perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability, our shoes ensure you look, feel, and dance great every step of the way!

Additional information

Additional information


8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13

10 reviews for Roberto Carlo Dance Shoes

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    José Llanos (verified owner)

    Note: I wear a size 10 and I ordered a size 10( it fits comfortably snug like a glove with almost a finger of space on the heel) This is my first pair of Jose Botta shoes and I couldn’t be happier with my investment. They came highly recommended by a classmate of mine who has been owing a pair for three years with no complains. To be honest, I was feeling wary about buying shoes online without trying them on first, but their customer service was on point by providing a printable chart of their sizes. I was quickly able to measure my correct shoe size by placing my foot on the printed template. I have been dancing on them for at least 6 days per week for the last 2 weeks and they are so comfortable! (Apart from the break-in period that took around a couple of days) The photos almost don’t do justice to the level of craftsmanship of the shoe. They look slick and durable in person. I would highly recommend these shoes to a friend and I will be buying again from them in the future. Thank you

    • Jose Botta

      From Jose Botta To Jose Llanos, Thank you so much for sharing with the world about our customer service, Our shoe quality and performance, We Truly appreciated honest feedback which I pass along to my shoe technicians, and From Our Shoe team to You and Everyone who recommend our Versatile Dance Shoes THANK YOU looking forward to continue serving you with all your dance shoes needs. Sincerely Jose Botta

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Khaled Nakawa

    I had the shoes for a year and a half. What a life changer this pair is!

    Quality speaks volume as the pair is still in good shape. I dance 2-5 days a week between social and training. Each dancing session is 3-4 hours.

    You can walk outside with them. Make it short walk though as that is still counts towards wear and tear. If you have harsh Canadian winter like me then you might want to stick to your boots outside as this pair can get slippery in the snow. Which is expected!

    The shoes surface makes the friction with the dance floor similar to suede bottom shoes without the need to clean it every couple weeks. really amazing why people still want to buy suede bottom. The truth is the best part is with this shoes you can use the washroom haha.. without getting the bottom wet and impact your dancing experience for the night because someone didn’t dry their hands well.

    I had to get half a size larger although it says it should be regular fit. Jose exhanged the shoes for me wishing me great dancing experience.

    Here I’m a year and half later describing it.

    I have my eyes on the Nappa white to add to my collection.

    I wish you all a great dancing experience!

    • Jose Botta

      Khaled Thank you so much for taking your time to review and shared your experience with our shoes, We are very glad to hear from you from after while wearing the shoes, Thank you We are glad our shoes really delivery what we need for our dancing lifestyle, looking forward to assist you with you second pair.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aaron Cohen

    I love the shoes so far (after taking them out a few times) – great feel, comfortable, no need to change shoes for the trip back home. Jose went through a couple exchanges with me to get the right style and size and both went smoothly – good communication and fast shipping!

    • Jose Botta

      Aaron Thanks for bear with us during the exchanges process, We are so happy to delivered exact what you want, and It sound like you are settled for a while with a good pair of Versatile Dance Shoes, enjoy them.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Leonid Shchervinsky

    Great shoes and great service.
    I have been a customer for over 10 years, and have gone through a bunch of pairs. Thanks!

    • Jose Botta

      Leonid you are one of my first customers and it is always a pleasure to continue serving you with our unique like of versatile dance shoes, Thank you very much for choosing us, We are glad we can contribute with your dancing lifestyle needs.


  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Oliveira

    Great fit and quality dance shoe!

    • Jose Botta

      Thank you for you feedback truly appreciated


  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daniel Soler

    I just got my first pair, they are unbelievabley comfortable and they improved my dance moves instantly. I will be buying more sooner rather than later.

    • Jose Botta

      Daniel we are so happy and excited that our product fulfilled your dance shoe needs, helped you improve your dance moves. Thanks again for your kind feedback, your feedback allows us to continue delivering that X Factor on dance shoes.


  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Heber Hernandez

    I love your shoes bro!!

    I met you at the aventura dance cruise a few years back! and I brought my first pair after we got off from that cruise!! In Miami!

    I am beyond honored to have brought 3 more pairs within that time frame

    (2 of them modified Harley quinn and the joker\” ) you will always have a customer me as long as my feet still can move !


    • Jose Botta

      Its an honor and pleasure to have gained a loyal client right after our amazing time at the Aventura dance cruise. It was a very interesting process and a wonderful experience to create your custom made shoes, please keep dancing with them and never stop enjoying the dancing lifestyle. Thanks again I feel like each client becomes a good friend. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marcelo Troncoso

    I”m proud to say that this is my 9th pair of Botta shoes!!!

    They’re sturdy, they’re classy, they last, and they’re comfortable!! The shoe really has everything you could ask for…they’re perfect for both indoor & outdoor! I’ve sometimes even rocked them just to go out somewhere w/ no dancing involved hahah.

    Huge fan of the entire line and Jose Botta himself! Excellent customer service. Highly and happily recommended!!

    • Jose Botta

      Marcelo thanks for being one of our biggest fans and supporters, we do appreciate your business and always do our best to deliver what dancers like yourself want and need (especially on the versatile aspect).

      Thank you again for your honesty. We greatly appreciate your recommendation.


  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Loi Tran

    Amazing!! I am glad that these are my first pair of dance shoes. They are comfortable and are able to maneuver on any dance floor. Feel free walk outside with them without worry- Rainy days are not even a concern for these shoes :-). I’m ready to get myself the white ones so I won’t put too many miles on the first pair!

    Highly Recommended*****


    • Jose Botta

      hehe, so happy to hear all the great benefit you get with our unique line of versatile dance shoes, As a social dancer I really WANT a pair of shoes to give me what you all guys experience,. so here it is ! hehehe, ENJOY IT, we are currently working on your white special shoe request! Thanks again for your feedback, truly appreciated. JB

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jaroslaw W

    It was my first time buying well known and frequently recommended JoseBotta shoes. I emailed to JB just to make sure that i placed an order for correct size. Mr. Botta got back to me right away. After exchanging some details by the phone and email we came up with corrected size. I received my (nicely packed) shoes just a couple days later and yes recommended by Mr. Botta size is just perfect. Really excellent service. JB Robero Carlo dance shoes are really well made. I enjoy an interesting, elegant design as well as great quality. They are extremely comfortable and amazing soles perform on BOTH street and studio dancefloors exactly as advertised. If you have any doubts or questions don’t hesitate to contact JB. My happy recommendation!!

    • Jose Botta

      Jaroslaw, I am so happy I was able to recommend the right shoe size for you, Specially you have a European shoe size in mind, however been on shoe business I learned a lot of shoe sizes and once again I am very happy to get the right pair of shoes, and Now you can confirm what others have been recommend to you. hehe Thanks again for your feedback Please enjoy your new versatile dance shoes and Please feel free to spread the word like others did with you,


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